Welcome to Simlock Remote Server, The largest instant unlock solution in the world for Home usage.

SRS was created back in 2006, at that time we supported around 100 models for remote unlock, nowadays we support over 4987 different models for safe unlock. Our solution was mainly created for end-users, customers like you, as your not a phone-technician every step is clearly described in the software, and there is a lot of information inside the FAQ and the online support forum. Also check out our customer feedback.

Our unlock solutions are unique, as there are no waiting times to get your unlock codes (as seen on other sites), after requesting your codes, you will have them instantly on screen, so you can unlock your phone within 5 minutes.
The only thing you need for unlocking is an computer with windows, a datacable (for some models), our software, and an account on our online server.

To find out if your device is supported, select your brand below, our website will give you the available options.

Step 1: Select your phone / device brand (for laptop bios choose BIOS)

Please select your Phone Brand:

Why Unlock your device:

  • Increased Network Compatibility.
  • No Roaming Charges.
  • More Network Options.
  • Increased Resale Value.
  • Easier to Service or Replace.

Why Use SRS:
  • Many years active in GSM market.
  • 100% warranty on unlocking.
  • Unlock from your own home.
  • Easy Unlock by Imei.
  • Good customer support.
  • Over 4000 models supported.
Last unlocked: (By Online Server)
  • Samsung G900P (23:06:45)
  • Alcatel V875 (16:37:24)
  • Samsung I9300 (11:12:57)
  • Samsung N920P (7:32:18)
  • Samsung N920P (7:28:15)
  • Samsung SC02E (7:01:22)

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